Side Entry Vs. Rear Entry


Families consider side-entry mobility vans and rear-entry mobility vans when trying to choose the best solution for a loved one in need of assistance. Both rear and side entry mobility vans work with either manual or power ramps and lifts. Both can be useful solutions for a family or group looking to help someone in need, but both also have several unique advantages that potential buyers need to consider very carefully before making a mobility decision.

   Sherman Dodge is the mobility center for the Chicago area. We feature more mobility vans in stock than other Chicago area dealers have regular minivans. Contact our team to learn more about side entry or rear entry mobility solutions today.


Side entry mobility vans can be an ideal option for individuals who require assistance entering and exiting a vehicle in the Chicago area. Side entry vehicles are the most popular because they allow wheelchair users to enter curbside instead of having to go into traffic, but there are several other key advantages that customers need to consider.

  • Can be driven with a wheelchair or one can be seated in the front passenger position easily with removable seats.
  • Additional storage space available for extra equipment
  • Ramps can be folded inside
  • Floor can be lowered to allow for more head space
  • Can feature an in-floor ramp, detachable ramp or lift apparatus
  • Rear bench seat remains intact for other family members or caregivers


Rear-entry mobility vans have seen their popularity rise recently due to the development of new technology. Rear-entry vans don't require the extreme conversions that they used to and they have become much more cost-effective in the last few years. They also have several advantages for prospective customers to consider.

  • Can be parked anywhere because the ramp doesn't need additional space (except when parallel parking)
  • Side-passenger doors aren't blocked by the ramp
  • Mid-passenger seats can be mounted next to the wheelchair to allow for additional care and attention
  • Very good for longer wheelchairs with leg extensions
  • Driver swivel seats can be added
  • Ramp slope is at a lower angle, making it easier for a person to wheel themselves without assistance if they have the ability
  • More ground clearance

The decision to choose a side-entry or rear-entry conversion ultimately comes down to whats best for your friend or loved one and what doctors and rehabilitation specialists have recommended. For those in need of greater flexibility when it comes to seating position or additional storage, side-entry is preferable. For individuals in need of easier access, the rear-entry solutions are better.

The Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler town & Country, Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna models are one of the most popular vans to convert to a mobility van and Sherman Mobility has the ability to perform either side-entry or rear-entry conversions. Our dealership has several new handicap accessible van models capable of handling mobility conversions. Reach out to our team through our website and let our mobility experts find your solution today.

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