Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Mobility

Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Dodge Mobility is your premiere choice for handicapped accessible vans. You need a van that is reliable, safe and personalized to fit your needs. With Sherman Dodge Mobility, you get all of this and more. You will have our staff guiding your through the process, and helping you to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency in your new vehicle from Sherman Mobility.

Offering the top leaders in handicapped and wheelchair accessible vehicles, Dodge Grand Caravan and the Chrysler Town & Country, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, you are sure to find the best choice to meet your needs, and accommodate your lifestyle. Our inventory is constantly growing and has your perfect van waiting to be acquired. Check out our latest inventory at Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Mobility to shop ahead of time. We have many colors and styles in stock to choose from.

Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Dodge Mobility has been serving the needs of customers like you for over 20 years. This means we have helped hundreds of special needs families travel and enjoy summer vacations, easily complete their daily errands, and have the comfort of knowing they have their own means of transportation, and freedom from rentals.  

Our nationwide manufacturer AMS Conversions is a top leader in handicapped and wheelchair accessible vans, and is one of the largest manufacturers of specialty vehicles. Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Mobility partners with the best in the business, to achieve the best for you! Our well equipped vehicles have the conversions you need, for a comfortable and safe ride  including side or rear entry, non-slip power wheelchair ramp and much more. We take the time to make sure the handicapped and wheelchair accessible vehicle is customized just for you and your needs.

Buying a mobility van is big decision. It is important that you are well informed, and have a reliable resource to take you through the process. Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Mobility is that resource for you, and partner. We make sure that you are considering all of the important features you will need for your new vehicle, and it is just what you envisioned for your new handicapped and wheelchair accessible van.  Please call 866-594-4000 today, and our specially trained staff for Mobility Vans in Chicago by Sherman Mobility will get you started today on your journey to freedom!
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