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Looking for a dealership you can trust?  One that can accommodate your needs? You have found the right place in Mobility Vans by Plainfield, IL.-Sherman Mobility.  We carry the best handicap accessible vehicles. We have over 20 years of experience in serving customers just like you and your family. We know how important it is to take your time and select the right van for your needs. At Sherman Dodge Mobility, we make sure that happens! We offer the best in the selection of mobility vans. We have a large selection of Chrysler Town and Country Vans, and Dodge Grand Caravans. These are the best of the best, and we aim for that with our Plainfield, IL. and surrounding area customers. Take a look at our Mobility Inventory. You can get a head start on shopping for your new mobility van, and see the wide range of colors, styles and models we offer. There are many things to consider and evaluate when selecting a mobility van. Our talented and specially trained staff will guide you through the process, and educate you on the features that will best suit your lifestyle. There are three different conversion options that you may select for your new vehicle.

You will be able to choose between side entry vs. rear entry as well. This will be a big decision that Sherman Dodge Mobility, along with your physician, will help you to make.  The Mobility Equipment we offer will create the perfect driving and passenger experience for you. We are truly proud to say we offer the best quality in Mobility Vans. Sherman Dodge Mobility also has the recommendations of many industry leaders who agree.  We have earned recommendations from the Illinois Continuity of Care Association101 Mobility, Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois   The NMEDA holds its member dealers to the highest standards of safety and product quality in the industry of handicap accessible vehicles.  Our Customer Testimonials page will also tell the story of high standards, from a customer perspective. These valued customers in Plainfield, IL. and surrounding areas have had excellent customer service and experiences with Sherman Dodge Mobility.

Please call 866-594-4000 today, and our specially trained staff for Mobility Vans by Plainfield, IL.-

Sherman Mobility will get you started on getting the best deal on Mobility Vans in Illinois!
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