Sell Us Your Car, Please

Whether you're looking to buy a vehicle from us or not, Sherman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram ProMaster will gladly buy your vehicle! We're constantly looking to add vehicles to our pre-owned vehicle inventory! Regardless of whether you have a truck, sedan, SUV, wagon, or coupe - Sherman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram ProMaster will consider buying it!

Authorized Kelley Blue Book Buying Center

How can you ensure that you get a fair deal on your vehicle? Enter: the Kelley Blue Book vehicle valuation tool! With the Kelley Blue Book valuation tool, drivers can just fill out a handful of information fields, and then the Kelley Blue Book database will provide drivers with a vehicle valuation estimation range. Once drivers have an estimate, they will need to come to the dealership and have our KBB team inspect the vehicle to make sure it matches the online description entered into the Kelley Blue Book valuation tool. Once approved by our KBB team, drivers will receive an offer for their vehicle!

We can Write you a Check!

Once we settle on a buyout price, we'll cut drivers a check! It's that easy. Sell your vehicle to Sherman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram ProMaster! If you choose to put your pre-owned sale towards a new vehicle at our dealership, great! If not, no hard feelings!